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The appointment with the Porcini mushroom festival of Buseto Palizzolo is renewed, which is the event that every year brings together many mycology enthusiasts, but also many simple gourmets of mushroom-based dishes.

The province of Trapani is magnificent, precisely because of this, because on one side we have a coast washed by the sea, where we offer so many gastronomic specialties based on fish, on the other we have many mountains and hills, where you can hike and go to mushroom hunting.

In this specific case the Scorace wood is the land of mushrooms, where so many are gathered and so many eat it, especially in a period where it has rained a lot and there are plenty of mushrooms.

On November 3rd and 4th the appointment with the kermesse with the black porcini mushroom of Scorace is renewed through the enhancement of the beauty of Scorace wood, a large wooded area of ​​750 hectares that most know during traditional outings spring, but that often do not appreciate, because it becomes a large open-air kitchen.

In the days of the event there will be local products, sausage, roast, salami and waterfalls tastings and there will be cooking shows, where the chefs will unleash in preparations all strictly based on mushrooms.



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